All GIAC exams are web-based, can be taken at home, and will be proctored (invigilated) remotely by ProctorU.

Detailed information on remote proctoring with ProctorU can be found here. Full details, including a how-to-guide, will be provided to you before you book the exam.

The exam has 75 questions, all multiple choice, which must be answered within a 2 hour period. The questions will be more in-depth than those provided in the SANS Foundation course practice quizzes.

The exam is considered "open book", and while there is no physical book that we provide with this course, you can build a collection of your own printed notes and index using the course content, including content from the modules provided this set of notes is only for studying for and taking the exam. You may not distribute or share any printed, copyright course material.

For more information about what you can have access to during the exam, please read this FAQ.