First: Make sure you reached the threshold in Game by the cutoff date. If you reached the threshold after the intake cutoff, then you won't be included in that intake.

Second: Double check you meet the eligibility criteria for this year's Cyber Discovery programme. If you are too old or too young, even if you have met the requirements from Game, you won't be able to participate in Essentials.

Third: Double check your spam, junk mail, and newsletter filters. Some email tools and systems will automatically file emails away into unexpected places.

If you are certain you have met both the programme eligibility criteria and the Essentials eligibility criteria (1 challenge completed in level 6 of the HQ base in Game), have checked your spam and junk filters, and have not received your licence code by the end of the intake days, please email with the subject: "Missing SANS Foundations Licence Code" from the same email you registered to Cyber Discovery with and our team will get back to you ASAP with your licence code if we see in our system you have made it through.